Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beginners Drift Lesson: Another Father and son duo. 11 November 2013

Had the opportunity to have an extremely talented father n son duo attending our Beginners Drift Class yesterday. How talented u may ask; Total beginners doing 2nd gear drifts while tackling a rear clipping point on a drift course!

Beginners Drift Lesson: Students from Finland ;24th August 2013

Today I had the pleasure of teaching a pair of talented drivers..they were doing intermediate drifting by lunch time..so much for beginners but it doesn't suprise me as they are Finnish. Good job Markus n Patrick!

Beginners Drift Lesson :Father and son duo 27th May 2013

Our former student , Shawnz came back for another round of lessons but this time he brought along his dad. They both did exceptionally well! Good job guys

Beginners Drift Lesson : Two international students from Pakistan and Ukraine 10th April 2013


We had two international students for our Beginners Drift class today.It was a pleasure having them as they managed to pick things really fast. I'm definitely blessed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beginner's Drift Lesson: 15th Feb 2013

We had a charming couple for our Beginner's Drift Lesson recently..the basics of drifting were taught along with essential driving techniques added to lesson

I am sure they had just as much fun as we did teaching them :)

Metro Driving Academy : MSM drivers drift n advance defensive lesson 7th Feb 2013

Metro Driving Academy had invited us to conduct a two day course on drifting and advance defensive driving for 24 drivers from the MSM which is the Malaysian Sports Council. These drivers are made out of private chauffeurs for the ministers  to bus drivers responsible for taking the athletes to their meets

Drifting which is essentially car control, was taught on the first day which was followed by advance defensive driving where more advance techniques were taught during the session.

On the 2nd day more advance techniques were taught but with  a more personal one to one guidance catered towards the drivers.

 To put what they had learnt to practice, a Gymkhana competition was held  for the students . The fact that the fastest time recorded during the competition had beaten our Instructor , Mickey Teoh who happens to be one of Malaysian top gymkhana competitor, personal best  shows that the vast improvements student had gained from the two day lesson.

Cars used for this lesson was the AE86, Proton Saga BLM and a Proton Persona.